HiMON® – Modular measuring and condition assessment system for fast localization of cable breakdowns and evaluation of partial discharges

Availability comparision of transmission lines

(Approximate availability depends on cable length)

Underground cable

95 %

Subsea cable

92-97 %

Overhead line

> 99 %

How to increase availability of cable transmission lines?

Condition assessment during factory testing, commissioning and operation

Fast localization of cable breakdowns

Detection of oncoming faults

Evaluation of aging

Increase in availability for cable systems

graphic increase availability HiMON
Target: Reduce 30 % of repair time
Target: 70 % of faults are found in advance, so they can be repaired during planned shutdowns.

HiMON® makes the availability of cable systems comparable to that of overhead lines.

Product and service overview

Product and service overview


TruePD 1 graphic
TruePD 2 graphic

RT TF Analysis and synthesis of all cable sections

Periodic modelling of a cable section between two sensor units. Injection of small impulses into the cable in order to determine the transfer function of the cable section

TruePD Measurement and filtering of real signals

Localization and determination of detected partial discharges at the location of the fault under consideration of the actual cable transfer function. Classification and characterization of the events with AI algorithms.

Added availability of transmission systems functions

Added availability graphic


  • Fast localization of cable breakdowns

  • Quality assurance (PD) for joints/cables


  • Theft monitoring for the cable system

  • Quality assurance (TF) during on site joint installation


  • Fast localization of cable breakdowns

  • Quality assurance (PD) for joints/cables


  • Fast localization of cable breakdowns

  • Small scale event evaluation

  • Risk analysis

HiMON® increases the availability through combining functions in every phase of a cable lifespan

System integration

System integration graphic

System integration every 12 km is worldwide unique

Calculation of downtime cost savings

in km

in MW

in EUR

The Calculation is based on following constants: Poles/Phases: 2, Annual failure rate per km per pole of an Underground cable: 0.0011, Annual failure rate per km per pole of a Subsea cable: 0.00011, Repair time of an Underground cable: 20 days, Repair time of a Subsea Cable: 90 days, Decrease of downtime time: 30 %, Decrease of cable breakdowns: 70 %

Annual downtime cost


Without HiMON®


With HiMON®


90.36 %

Without HiMON®

97.97 %

With HiMON®

HiMON® helps saving significant amounts of downtime costs


HIGHVOLT is neutral

Reduction of downtime costs

Reduction of failure probability

Suitable for new and existing cable

HIGHVOLT is a reliable project partner

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